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Mr. Pi-Hsiang HAN is the founder and CEO of the Kaohsiung-based Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Corporation (JSSC). From an early stage, he began his shipbuilding career from apprenticeship, with an extraordinary determination and perseverance, he spent over 50 years to build up the conglomerate.

Not just being focused on the local market, he dedicated his craft ability to global standards. In just 3 years, he managed to enter the European top steel aluminum luxury yacht market and by doing so, made JSSC an international brand.
Being based in Taiwan, but with an international emphasis, JSSC will continue to focus on the industry in the future to meet the needs of ship owners worldwide, from system to cabin interior designs.
Having strength with an own top-notch and solid R & D team in the shipbuilding industry, trust and respect have been certainly earned by the government.

JSSC is the company that manufactures the most steel aluminum vessels in Taiwan. The construction categories include patrol ships, lifeguard boats, passenger ships, oil & chemical tankers, high-tech research vessels, ultra-low temperature fridge vessels, yachts, and all kinds of fishing boats, etc., and contractors such as navy large destroyer maintenance and other businesses after years of efforts in the technical and manufacturing processes of standardization and accuracy can be synchronized with the international standards.