TW_DIDA 台灣國防產業協會 Taiwan Defense Industry Development Association




台灣國防產業發展協會(以下簡稱協會)為依法設立、非以營利為目的之社會團體,2017年2月開始籌備,2017年7月正式成立,協會之成立以促進台灣國防產業發展為宗旨。主要以 辦理產業與政府部門及學術界之間之交流活動,及召開國際會議與論壇等工作,對我國國防相關產業之精進與發展,進行策略研究並提供政策建議。


協會下分資訊安全、政策(航空)、產業(造船)與國防後勤等4個小組,現有會員計有漢翔航空工業股份有限公司、台灣國際造船股份有限公司、國家中山科學研究院等48家國內企業及法人機構(詳 如附表,依筆畫排列),會員均為我國2015、2016年參加台美國防工業會議之成員。



Taiwan Defense Industry Development Association, TW-DIDA



Taiwan Defense Industry Development Association (hereinafter referred to as TW-DIDA) is a non-profit social organization, established according to the laws of the ROC (Taiwan). TW-DIDA began in February, 2017, and was formally founded in July, 2017. With its mission to promote the development of Taiwan’s defense industry. TW-DIDA is dedicated to facilitating interactions between the industry with government officials and academia, such as organizing international meetings, conferences, and seminars. TW-DIDA also conducts strategic researches for providing policy advices relating to the defense industry.


The missions of the TW-DIDA include the following:

TW-DIDA includes four sections: Information Security, Policy (Aviation), Industry (Shipbuilding) and Defense logistics. There are 48 domestic enterprises and legal persons (as attachment) registered as current members, including Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation, CSBC Corporation, Taiwan, and National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology etc.


協會沿革 - 協會成立原委





The reasons for establishing the Association